When we are being asked about our strength or what is different about us, we usually say that we are not only teaching, but we ARE salesmen, we are always selling something. Because we built sales departments, and we have been done it in many companies during the past years. So, we can sell and we are proud to show it.
But one more thing about us – is our experience. For instance, Vitaly Novikov was a head of Nokian Tyres retail chain in Russia. He obtained all the trainings best world sales and negotiations training companies do and adopted them for the Russian practice.
He also made a cooperative training with Edouard Brault in English, they two made some very successful trainings in Moscow and St.Petersburg.
Actually, you can get any of our trainings in English. Just choose: sales, negotiations, time-management, emotional intellect, types of customers, marketing trainings.
Usually, we offer half-day or whole-day program, when you can choose – to make it a whole day training or devide one-day or two-days program by half-day terms.
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